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McCray’s Expanding – New Outlet in Riviera Beach - 12-21-2011
Real wood is used in the pits at McCrays on 45th Street in Mangonia Park.

McCray’s BBQ II, owned by Derrick McCray, is moving into a permanent building on 45th Street in Mangonia Park. Meanwhile McCray has opened a take-out window spot on U.S. 1 in Riviera Beach, just north of Blue Heron Boulevard.
Along with the ribs, and chicken, he offers the unusual - but popular - souse. That’s head cheese to many.
Other expansion plans are in the works, he said. "I'm looking at a spot on Belvedere and Military Trail in West Palm, and we're looking at something in Fort Pierce, and a couple down south. It's just taking a while to put all the money together. It’s hard in this economy, but we're doing all right."
As a partner with the Super Bowl committee to help small businesses, he'll do an event for the Super Bowl in Indianapolis in January, a barbecue for all the former NFL players who now have businesses of their own and are showcasing them during the bowl. "When it comes to Miami, we get the Granddaddy of events, the tailgate party," he said, but when the bowl is played elsewhere, local vendors in those cities get preference.
Pit-smoked barbecue ribs are his specialty, though beef, chicken, seafoods, including conch, are available. Sides include mac n cheese, beans, collards and more. Sweet potato pies are for sale whole and by the slice for dessert.
McCray has a large portable pit and caters barbecues where whole pigs often wind up on the smoker.

McCray's II Backyard BBQ
1521 45th Street, Mangonia Park


2700 Broadway, Riviera Beach

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